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A comment from the judges on Jessica's entry "Jessica's entry exemplified deep  thinking and site analysis. Her concept of an 'Urban Growasis' which reclaimed parts of King George Square for urban farming was a highly creative intervention which addressed usability, subtropicality and current societal issues."

Jessica Sy is a graduate of QUT’s Bachelor of Design (Honours) Architectural Design degree with a second major in Marketing.

Being exposed to a large number of cultures throughout her life, has created within her a willingness to learn and a striving for the betterment of society and space through design. Architecturally speaking, Jessica focuses on the wholistic influence the built space can have upon people, through a combination of scale, structure, materiality, and form. With these concepts, the idea of sustainability play a large role in her designs, focusing primarily on the lifetime value of structures and their effectiveness for their purpose.

The work she has presented throughout her university years, is a testament to her hard-work and dedication for her pursuit of achievement, reflecting upon her personal character. A second major in Marketing has helped her understand the thought process of both corporations and the public, furthering her understanding of influencing society.

Jessica Sy hopes to further her education in architecture, pursuing a Masters of Architecture degree from QUT in the near future, with hopes of later impacting a large range of design disciplines.