Please find below a list of frequently asked questions. This list will be updated during the competition so please check it frequently. If you have any questions please email us at



What is the height from the lower ground platform (metroline) to ground level?


Confirmation of heights have been requested and an answer will be provided in the coming days.



question 02

The images of the location plan, underground plan and section already show a scheme for the portal. Are we supposed to take this scheme into consideration while coming up with ideas or do we treat the site as an empty piece of land?


Please treat the site as an empty piece of land. The scheme shown in the 3D visuals was  an artist impression only and is not to be taken into consideration for your proposal.  



question 03

In the underground plan ( and section, the escalators, staircases and lift has already been designed. Are we allowed to change the locations/orientations of the same or are we supposed to consider them as fixed and design with those restrains in mind.

Please feel free to change the location/orientation of all circulation (i.e. escalators, staircases and lift) in the underground plan. There are no  restrictions on locations for these items, so please use your imagination to come up with an entirely new scheme or if you would prefer you are more than welcome to use the existing plan as the basis for your architectural intervention.