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Brisbane Metro is a high-frequency public transport system that will cut travel times, reduce Central Business District (CBD) bus congestion and improve services to the suburbs.

With two metro routes operating every three minutes in peak periods, Brisbane Metro will deliver a network of turn-up-and-go services linking the suburbs with the inner city.

Together with the Queensland Government’s Cross River Rail project, Brisbane Metro will unlock existing capacity constraints at the core of the transport network, helping to support future jobs and population growth across the region.



Put simply the brief is to design a portal to take pedestrians from ground level to the new underground station below.

The portal is a building or a piece of architecture that accommodates lifts, escalator, a ticketing system and potentially other public amenities such as café, food, seating, retail and public art.

The building itself could be something as simple as a cube or as dramatic as a sculptural art form. It really is up to your imagination!

Some design suggestions to get you started:

·         Public Art

·         Clever use of Materials or Technology

·         A Celebration of sub-tropical climate

·         A statement about Queensland Architecture

·         A building that celebrates Brisbane

·         A futuristic installation

·         A linkage to the existing heritage South Brisbane Station

·         A linkage to the existing QPAC opposite

·         A celebration of the arts and theatre

·         Or whatever your imagination comes up with!


Your proposal also needs to think about siting and site activation. The Grey street intersection will be pedestrianised encouraging foot traffic and use of bus system and as such the  proposal needs to address the site.


Some questions to ask yourself during the design process:

·         How does the portal sit within the site?

·         Are there supporting amenities?

·         Is food and beverage and offering on the site?

·         How does the portal interact with the street and relate to the prominent pedestrianised corner site?

·         How visible is the portal from the intersection and the adjacent QPAC?



What is provided within the portal is up to you as the only strict requirement is that is provides a lift and escalators to below station and a ticketed entry. How it does this is up to your imagination!

It should be considerate of the following items:

·         Quality Design

·         A level of public realm that integrates with the local area i.e. Cultural Centre and QPAC

·         An Escalator

·         A Lift for DDA Access

·         Automated Ticketing at Entry

Note:    Your proposal does not need to allow for technical constraints. High level spatial planning and allowance for certain elements is all that is required.




1 x A1 Panel that clearly explains your idea graphically submitted as a PDF Document no greater than 12MB in size.

A supporting 200 word maximum project summary, submitted as PDF document.



Brisbane Metro was first announced in 2016 as a solution to the current challenges facing Brisbane's bus network, which has reached capacity at many inner city locations. Following this, Council completed a range of detailed technical assessments of the project and conducted extensive consultation with the community and key stakeholders. 

In May 2017, Council released the Brisbane Metro Business Case, following a 12 month detailed assessment of the benefits, costs and impacts of delivering the project. The Business Case confirms Brisbane Metro is a value-for-money investment in our public transport network that will provide significant benefits for both the city and the region.

Council has developed a Business Case Key Findings Report, which summarises the key outcomes of the Business Case. The Key Findings Report and Brisbane Metro Business Case are available to download.


“Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has released plans for a CBD underground bus loop to reduce traffic congestion and bus travel times by connecting the existing Queen Street and King George Square busway stations with new stations under George and Adelaide streets.”


Taking south east busway to CBD busway across Victoria Bridge. Existing bus station will be sunk underground to fix bus bottleneck where bus meets on Melbourne Street. Easing congestion on Victoria Bridge removing 1 car lane of traffic designating to future bus way.

Releasing draft metro plan in May with further details. This can be circulated when it is released.

$944 million Brisbane Metro construction due to start in 2020 and completed in late 2022.

Will soon place a major role in transport system and be a prominent site in new major transport route.

Victoria Bridge will be turned into a green bridge (removing general traffic. There will also be new underground tunnels from Adelaide Street as part of the Metro Proposal).


The proposal will increase the South East Busways morning transit by 22,000 passengers and hour and remove 125 buses from the Brisbane CBD.


The Brisbane Metro station would sit underground - diagonally - under the Grey and Melbourne Street block of land.

The underground service would spread underneath the forecourt of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex and allow articulated buses to connect to the South East Busway.



Site is 1600 m2 parcel of land on Grey Street at South Brisbane beside the South Brisbane Station. Currently the site is vacant and used as a car parking lot.

Directly next to the site is the South Brisbane Train Station which is a heritage listed red brick building 1 storey in height. Opposite the site is the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

Located in the Cultural Centre precinct it is a prominent corner site with direct access off the Victoria Bridge and walking distance to South Bank. There is a current proposal to pedestrianise grey street to encourage foot traffic and activation of this key site.

In 2016 the site was bought by Canberra-based developer Doma Group who proposed a thirty storey hotel and residential tower. Since then the site has been resumed by Brisbane City Council to allow for the proposed Brisbane Metro South Bank underground station.




New Bus Link Map

Map of Station Below

Photographs of Existing Site